I have chosen a kaleidoscope as my brand emblem; for me it is a symbol of possibility and potential.

You can lose yourself gazing at a beautiful pattern, mesmerised by the colours, reflections and light. Then … the smallest movement can create a completely new beautiful image, or, if you keep rotating the tube, you can endlessly watch shapes constantly cartwheel around and over one another. The image is always changing, reinventing, molding and shaping itself into something different.

Interestingly enough, the parts or portions that make up the kaleidoscope always stay the same shape and size. It is only the orientation that changes when the kaleidoscope is turned.

Imagine looking at your life through the tube of a kaleidoscope. Imagine that the portions of your life make up the kaleidoscope. Are the parts ideally proportioned? Have some parts perhaps lost their original shape or size? Does it create a wholesome picture?

Now try looking at your life through the kaleidoscope from a different perspective. This takes some critical thinking and self-analysis. Think about your life; reflect on your actions and decisions; dream about your life as a perfect kaleidoscopic image; imagine what parts of your life you could change to create the perfect picture; plan how you will create your ideal life; then live it abundantly! Remember to keep on learning, for as we learn, we makes changes to plot an even more enlightened course, and then, for a most rewarding life, share your wealth of wisdom.

By looking at your life through this perspective, and applying the 8 action steps of thinking, reflecting, dreaming, changing, planning, living, learning and sharing, you are able to create the most magnificent image – where all the portions of your life are equally in flow.

The parts of your life as a kaleidoscope are already in place, inside you, and all you may have to do, is just to look at the kaleidoscope of your life in a new way. With just one small shift, the whole picture changes and creates an image where money aligns perfectly with the pattern of your ideal world, enabling you to master your relationship with money.