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5 Truths to merge your money with your life

This 1-hour presentation is based on my firm belief that you cannot begin to consider your finances, assets and how these should be invested, before you have formulated a holistic Life Plan.

It is impossible to live a fulfilled life if you lack the financial means to tick off the items on your Bucket Wheel®. Or, you may have all the money in the world, but may not have the time, the dreams, or that special person that adds meaning to your life. My message is that a mindshift is the first step that is needed in order to merge your money with meaning – once you see money as an enabler, your Financial Plan can be tailored to support the life that you really want to live.

Truth 1

Put money in its proper place

Each one of us has our very own relationship and journey with money. This preconceived idea of what money means to us is regularly formulated in our formative years. Often our history with money is either based on the fear of never having enough, or an insatiable desire to make as much money as possible for many reasons – often the wrong reasons!

Money can be your servant or your master. It can enable you to add meaning to your life by helping you achieve your dreams… or it can have a hold on you, fed by your fears.

Truth 2

Earn a play cheque not a pay cheque

Life is just too short not to be doing a job that does not completely fulfill you. Many of us yearn for a more balanced life; creating time for play, work, relationships; and all the time, still earning a living. Working with purpose feeds your soul and generates contentment.

Truth 3

Bring on the balance

A balanced life is a meaningful life. We tend to live our lives with just too many regrets. Regrets of not spending enough time with our families; regrets of not making the time to go on holiday; regrets of not focusing on that special interest or hobby that brings joy to our soul. We often depend on one or two areas of our life to give us meaning – and this is just not enough!

Truth 4

If you plan, you prosper

Success is where opportunity meets preparation. With reflection, information, preparation and planning, we are well positioned to increase our chances of living a happy and fulfilled life. Once you have a Life Plan in place, you can take steps to ensure the best positive outcome.

Truth 5

Attitude is everything

By changing your attitude you can change your life! We may not choose the circumstances that we encounter, but we can choose how we respond to them. Do you see yourself as a victim of circumstance? Or are you proactive about taking charge of the areas of your life that can be improved? Choose to become a positive person!

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