Money | Meaning | Mindshift

5 Truths to merge your money with your life

This 1-hour keynote is based on my firm belief that money should be an enabler. Money is a means for helping us navigate where we want to go. Money should not be controlling us. We should be controlling it. In its right place, money enables you to live life right.

It is impossible to live a fulfilled life if you lack the financial means to tick off the items on your Bucket Wheel®. Or, you may have all the money in the world, but don’t have the time, the dreams, or a plan that will add meaning to your life.

You have to make a Mindshift – it is the first step in merging your money with meaning. Once you see money as an enabler, a currency earned, you can master your money matters.

What some of our clients have to say:

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    Miranda Isaakidis, Chapter Chair, Women’s President Organisation
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    Shireen Chengadu, Executive Director: Centre for Leadership and Dialogue, Gordon Institute of Business Science