How Life Planning Enhances Your Value Proposition to Clients

The Financial Planning landscape is changing, and while clients certainly expect good investment returns and carefully structured Financial Plans, they are also increasingly expecting deep and lasting relationships with their Planners, empathetic conversations and a focus on personal needs and goals.

Planners are being called on to enhance their value propositions to clients. Purely focussing on the financial portfolio and numbers will no longer be enough to remain relevant and valuable in the industry. In order to be true leaders, Planners must be open to learning new skills and applying these to facilitate meaningful conversations with clients; supporting them and challenge their thinking.

Kim shares her belief for a connected approach to Financial Planning, with the core focus on engaging in courageous conversations and Life Planning. Kim discusses how the work of Dr Brené Brown can be incorporated in the Life Planning approach, and believes that Financial Planners can learn a collection of skills and practices to guide clients to show up with whole hearts and to connect with clients in a more meaningful way.

What some of our clients have to say: