Life Planning

A holistic approach to Financial Planning

The presentation on Life Planning is specifically designed for Financial Planners or people working in the Financial Planning industry. I do yearly presentations on this topic for Fundhouse and have also been invited as speaker at FPI Conventions, BDO, Sanlam and Old Mutual Wealth.

The financial services industry is changing as our clients are demanding a more client-centric approach to their financial planning needs. The challenge is to offer a more comprehensive approach to Financial Planning, incorporating a holistic Life Plan supported by a Financial Plan.

This presentation takes Financial Planners through a step-by-step process to ensure that they are focusing on their client’s individual needs. Yes, expertise and insight in Financial Planning is essential, but clients are more than their money … all people have a need for that personal connection.

We discuss and share examples of how Planners can connect to the hearts of their clients, understanding who they are and what their dreams are for their lives, before devising a Financial Plan for them.

Helping clients formulating a plan for their lives and then seeing how money can support this life, lies at the heart of this presentation.

What some of our clients have to say: