Dare to Lead™

About Dare to Lead™

This 90-minute keynote is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is a specific courage-building program that covers the four skill sets of courage: Rumbling with Vulnerability, Living into our Values, Braving Trust and Learning to Rise. These skills are teachable, measurable and observable.

Dare to Lead is about building courage. Courage requires vulnerability – and it makes you feel uncomfortable. But courage is about bringing your whole self to every situation – your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Join Kim as she talks about rumbling with Vulnerability. She shares wisdom from Brené Brown’s 20 year study on courage, shame and empathy. Her talk includes interactive exercises, video lessons by Brené Brown and learnings from Kim’s personal journey.

Who should attend?

If you want to be braver, willing to show up as your authentic self and leave the body armor at home, then Dare to Lead is for you! Discover and learn the skills needed to walk into the arena of life and change the way you show up with people.

Dare to Lead™ for Financial Planners

Financial Planners have a unique role, and indeed, responsibility, to understand their clients’ relationship
with money so that they can enable them to change the behavior that no longer serves them – and put
money in its rightful place. This requires:

  • Thought leadership
  • Facilitating poignant discussions tapping into deeply vulnerable topics that it often avoided (such as
    shame, fear, anger and sadness.)
  • Establishing deep interpersonal connections to serve clients
  • Personal growth and development.

Dare to Lead for Financial Planners is about being brave, being vulnerable and having the courage to show up
and encourage clients to have these brave conversations.