Courageous Conversations with Clients

a connected approach to Financial Planning

Financial Planning has always been about numbers. It’s a scientific formulation based on input and output. Nothing that soon can’t be done by artificial intelligence and clever computer programming. There is however one variable that a formula can’t calculate: being human.

Our client demographic is changing and the conversations we have with our clients are also changing. Financial Planners are increasingly expected to talk about life dreams and goals and how money can enable a more meaningful life.

How prepared are you to engage in these types of conversations? Are you ready to talk about deeply vulnerable topics? Are you comfortable coaching your clients around what they can and cannot achieve with their money? Do you have the necessary emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy to truly add value to your client’s life and their money?

Kim shares the skills she believes Financial Planners need to add value and meaning to the Financial Planning process. She incorporates Bené Brown’s Dare to Lead work and her own experiences after helping clients retire successfully for the last ten years.


What some of our clients have to say: