5 Retiremeant™ Truths

This one-hour keynote is based on my learnings about retirement after hundreds of conversations over the years, as well as my own research. The Retiremeant™ Truths are the beliefs I feel we need to embrace in order for us to be properly equipped for our later years. I believe that with careful preparation, this can be the best years of our lives!

The 5 Retiremeant™ Truths are:
Truth 1: It’s not about your age
Truth 2: Be Master of your money
Truth 3: Retire to and not from
Truth 4: Attitude is everything
Truth 5: If you plan, you prosper

What some of our clients have to say:

  • I have used Kim at various events and she is always well received; empathetic, humorous and thought provoking! read more

    Irene Ackerman, Marketing Manager, Old Mutual Wealth