5 Retiremeant™ Truths

Living a meaningful and balanced life in retirement

This one-hour presentation is based on my learning about retirement after hundreds of conversations over the years as well as my own research. The Retiremeant™ Truths are the beliefs I feel we need to embrace in order for us to be properly equipped for our later years. I believe that with careful preparation, this can be the best years of our life!

Truth 1

It’s not about your age

Research tells is that we are living a lot longer – over 100 years in many cases. Often, we view mature professionals or people as superior above their younger counterparts; we would more readily rely on a seasoned, experienced heart surgeon, educator or politician. Most of the world’s demanding jobs are not given to younger people. The truth is that you may be doing some of your best work and most profound thinking in the second half of your life.

Truth 2

Be Master of your money

If you want your retirement years to be enriching – and not just rich – you need to embrace the view that retiring is not only about money. It is important to consider all facets of your life: money, work, play, relationships, health, learn, purpose and giving back. Remember, your Financial Plan and the plans you have for your life are intertwined – you cannot plan finances if you don’t have a plan for what you want to do with your life.

So ask yourself what the money you have saved is for. Have you been a slave to money your whole life? We need to be master of our money and see money as a tool for taking us where we want to go. Money should be an enabler so that we get to live the life we truly desire.

Truth 3

Retire to and not from

Retirement should be a meaningful life transition, something that you do on purpose. Instead of being in a position where we are “pushed” into retirement, would it not be much more fulfilling to be “pulled” into something that you want to retire to? You don’t even have to stop working; research shows that people who work after retirement enjoy a better life.

Work does not have to be how you have always done it before. The goal here should be to fit work into life, rather than continuing to squeeze life into work. Don’t limit yourself to what you can achieve in this next life stage. Having a sense of purpose – and adventure – is everything. You can make your Retiremeant™ the grandest of all life’s adventures.

Truth 4

Attitude is everything

The way that we choose to respond to life around us is everything. Our attitude informs how we see life – and how others see us. Taking ownership over our attitude is essential – we don’t get to choose exactly how long our lives will be. But we do get to choose how much “life” the years of our lives will give us.

Your attitude affects how you see retirement – and also how you do retirement. Having a positive approach will help with your perception as well as the planning of your Retiremeant™.

Truth 5

If you plan, you prosper   

Proper planning of your retirement eliminates the element of the unknown. Your life in retirement can be what you want it to be – and more. The secret is in the planning. If you plan, you prosper. Plan to succeed and put measures in place that offer the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

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    Irene Ackerman, Marketing Manager, Old Mutual Wealth