Retiremeant™ Planning

Living a meaningful and balanced life in retirement

A Retiremeant™ Plan comprises of two important parts: a life plan and a financial plan to support the ideal picture of your life. Being prepared for your retirement can make it the most spectacular time of your life!

Together we will embark on a journey to ensure that you have a successful retirement plan in place. We start with a process of self-exploration, looking at where you have come from and how you got there. We then delve into your history with money and the principles you live by.

A critical part of our process is defining what retirement means to you, and how you would ideally like to spend the second half of your life. Here we focus on balance, making sure that that you retirement plan encompass all factors of your life, making time for those areas in your life that may have been previously neglected.

The Wheel of Balance

To help you in this process, I use a few tools, one of which is the Wheel of Balance. The Wheel of Balance comprises eight components: work, giving back, relationships, money, learning, purpose, health and play. I firmly believe that no life – especially in retirement – is complete without a balance of each of these elements.

Imagine having all the money you need, but struggling with an unhealthy body, or not enjoying harmonious relationships within your family. Or having regrets about letting life pass you by while frantically trying to save enough for your retirement. We tend to immerse ourselves in our careers, with goals of wealth and status, but often have no sense of fulfillment or purpose in our daily tasks.

Retirement life planning has everything to do with balance! Finding a balance between the money you will need to fulfill your life goals, and living the best life you can!

Together, we will create a Bucket Wheel – a record of all the things you would like to achieve in your lifetime, incorporating all eight areas of the Wheel of Balance. Your bucket wheel is the best indicator of what money you will need and how your money needs to work for you.

Once we know what’s important to you, its time to discuss how to invest and structure your finances to achieve an inspiring and successful retirement.

Have something to retire to – instead of waking up one morning to find yourself retired from a job. Kim

What some of our clients have to say

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