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7 December 2017. Have you ever bought something just to make you feel happy – or appear more successful – not because you need it? If you are serious about getting rid of debt; a good starting point is to be honest with yourself.

31 July 2017. The Courageous Currency series on Classic FM with Micheal Avery comes to a close with perhaps the toughest of all conversations … How to get tough on family who bleed who dry. Kim explores this tough yet very frequent family dynamic.

17 July 2017. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… the sixth installment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM Kim and Micheal Avery discuss Wills and Trusts. Two documents that can help us protect our families and assets upon death.

3 July 2017. The “M” word … Midlife Crisis … often described as the the day you wake up and wonder if this is as good as it gets? or if your life could be better? The fifth segment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM sees Kim and Micheal Avery chatting about this life transition and the implications for your money.

19 June 2017. What crucial conversations do you need to have with your spouse/significant other and children? The fourth segment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM sees Kim guiding us on how broach the taboo topic of money by having effective money conversations.

22 May 2017. The Courageous Currency series on Classic FM continues with Kim getting us to dig deep by thinking about our relationship with money. She explains how this intimate and crucially important relationship guides our attitudes and behaviors around money, subconsciously.

8 May 2017. Michael Avery of Classic FM hosts Kim for a Courageous Currency series. In the first installment of the series Kim introduces us to the concept of our money story and how being aware and owning it can be empowering.

12 April 2017. Kim joined Family Law Attorney Elizabeth Cardona for a panel discussion on Classic FM on the role of money in relationships and what happens in the case of divorce.

24 March 2017. Michael Avery and Classic FM host Kim for a panel discussion on the often overlooked often overlooked emotional and psychological aspects of retirement.

23 March 2017. Radio Today and Natashia Bearam follow up with retirement life planner Kim Potgieter #Retirement and how planning for this major life transition can make all the difference. Kim believes if we #RetireOnPurposeWithPurpose that we can #RetireSuccessfully and age more successfully.

16 February 2017. Radio Today host, Natashia Bearam chats with financial planner Kim Potgieter from Chartered Wealth Solutions about money and relationships this Valentines day – Is your threesome working for you?

1 October 2015. The Retirement Feature on the Classic Business show with Michael Avery: In South Africa, 60% of women have no pensions or retirement plan, and only 6% of South Africans will be able to retire and maintain their current standard of living. What’s important to remember for women when it comes to retirement planning?

26 August 2015. Wealth Week Panel with Michael Avery, Jean Archary and Yolande Botha on the Classic Business show on Classic FM: In our world of investing and financial planning, the approach to male and female clients differs significantly. So in aid of women’s month how does one structure a wealth plan tailored for the fairer sex?

30 March 2015. Thabiso Sikwane from Power Fm chats to Kim on the Power Lunch show about Retiremeant and when we should start thinking about out or retirement and how we should approach it.

23 March 2015. How to ensure the best possible retirement your money can buy. Does the prospect of retirement freak you out? Is there life after work? Kim addresses these questions, amongst many others with on 702’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitefield when discussing her book “Retiremeant: Get The Most Meaning from Your Money”.

2 March 2015. Listen to Kim Potgieter on Classic FM’s, classic lifestyle show, with Tamara LePine-Williams talking RETIREMEANT: Get More Meaning from your Money.

5 February 2015. Classic FM’s business programme host, Michael Avery, interviewed Kim Potgieter on the recent publication of her book, RETIREMEANT: Get More Meaning from your Money. In the interview, Michael makes the observation that the book is really suited to all ages, as it inspires the reader not to wait to live a fulfilling and significant life. Born out of personal loss and a desire to make a difference, Kim explains her passion for seeing people living a better second half of life.