Financial Life Planning Institute

I believe that it is important to engage and contribute to the industry within which I operate. As part of my support to the industry, I serve as the Managing Director of the Financial Life Planning Institute (FLPI) in South Arica. The FLPI is the world’s leading provider of financial life planning tools and resources and is geared towards assisting financial planners to get to know their clients more holistically.

Many financial professionals rely on the Financial Life Planning Institute to help them convert their products and processes to the next level of financial planning. Mitch Anthony founded the Financial Life Planning Institute and has worked with both individuals and companies to show them how to secure a profitable future by forming long-lasting relationships with clients.

I first discovered Mitch Anthony when I read his book The Newretirementality and I immediately realised that I found someone who shares my passion and philosophy around holistic Life Planning. I was so intrigued by Mitch that I flew to the States with my partners at Chartered Wealth Solutions, John Campbell and Barclay Hoar, especially to meet him. We spent time personally training and learning from Mitch and have since become great friends.

Mitch has mentored me through the process of bringing Life Planning to South Africa and helped set up the Life Planning Institute of South Africa for local Financial Planners. Mitch has been generous in sharing his ideas and I regard him as a friend, mentor and colleague.