10 Retiremeant™ Truths – Get more meaning from your money


While most books on retirement focus on money and making sure there is enough of it, Kim believes that your finances are inextricably entwined with the dreams you have for your life.
This eBook is about inspiring you to believe in a life that goes beyond the day you retire. The Ten Retiremeant Truths is a back-to-basics reminder of the solid foundation on which we can forge our futures in retirement. In this eBook, you will find an amended excerpt from Retiremeant: Get More Meaning from your Money, available in hard copy. Kim’s approach brings a unique and inspirational perspective to preparing for retirement: all the money you have spent your life earning should now be working for you and giving you the life you want.

Kim looks holistically at all aspects of the person retiring – not just their money. Keeping work, money, play, purpose, health, giving back, relationships and learning in delicate balance during the second half of life is a top-of-mind – and heart matter for Kim, whose message is that creating your best life cannot be left to chance. You have to play an active role in getting ready for retirement, to enable you to live without regrets.