An increadible book with great insight!You see that you are not the only one who can add an A to your titles, Kim!

You were quite right to add yours – a retirement with meaning is the only way to retire!

I have taken to heart your advice to retire TO something, not FROM it. At 73, I am looking at ways in which to continue working, probably in a consulting capacity. I am reminded of an interview conducted with the famed British actor, Michael Caine. “When a journalist occasionally asks, ‘Why don’t you retire?’ I say, ‘You don’t retire from the movies – the movies retire you.’ “

I find the same in the working world, and that’s why it’s important to have such important advice as in Kim’s book. I have a long weekend coming up and I intend to go back to every exercise in the book to work on them.

I find the Bucket Wheel of particular interest. Going back to Michael Caine, he also said, “”I’ve been very fortunate because I spent my life doing something that I love doing so much, I used to do it for nothing. So you can’t have a better life than that.”
I aim to have balance in my life. I see so many retired people sitting around in coffee shops – they are like shaggy dogs in their retirements. You have to have a focus when you get up in the morning – I have carved out a niche for myself in business and specialise in one branch of my industry.

Thank you, Kim, for your excellent book filled with practical pointers.”