Each workshop includes interactive exercises, real-time live questionnaires and a personalised workbook for each participant. In addition, delegates receive a support pack containing vital information that includes, among others, useful financial tips and important items that should be contained in a will. Following the workshop, resources are made available for participants to further support their financial life-planning journey. These include newsletters, weekly tips, eBooks and dedicated bloggers on our web site.

Workshop 1

Intentional Investing Workshop

Your journey to merging your money with meaning in your life

This six-hour workshop is targeted at individuals in the wealth accumulation phase, typically between the ages of 35 and 50 years. The session is based on the philosophy that a holistic plan comprises two parts: a life plan and a financial plan.

The purpose of financial life planning is to help you focus on investing your time, energy and money consciously to create the life you want. This is merging money with your life through intentional investing.

Topics covered in this workshop are:

Life Planning

  • If you plan, you prosper
  • Learning ore about your personality
  • Your relationship with money
  • What you love about your work
  • Creating balance in your life
  • Creating your Bucket Wheel, the foundation for your financial plan

Financial Planning and Estate Planning

  • Whom do you turn to?
  • What does a financial planner do?
  • Benefit of an independent investment consultant
  • Retirement Fund discussion
  • Risk and return relationship
  • Diversification versus averaging
  • Tax planning
  • Group benefits
  • Disability cover calculation
  • Life cover calculation
  • Essential elements for a valid will
  • Trust planning

Workshop 2

Retire Successfully Workshop

This six-hour workshop is aimed at individuals approaching retirement, typically aged around 55 years and above. It is designed to help participant see retirement as a start rather than an end; plump with possibilities rather than a narrowing of life; as a chance to make dreams come true rather than relinquishing them.

Topics covered in this workshop are:

Retirement Life Planning

  • Journey of self-exploration
  • Past memories impact today’s beliefs
  • Redefining retirement
  • Shifting from success to significance
  • Achieving balance in your life
  • Creating your own Wheel of Balance
  • Creating your own Bucket Wheel

Financial Planning and Estate Planning

  • Financial planning and the importance of this relationship in retirement
  • Understanding retirement vehicles and what is suitable for you
  • What your company has done for you and the importance of making the right decisions on the day you retire
  • What it will look like for your family when you leave them behind
  • The importance of your investment strategy for retirement, and how it is different from now

Workshop 3

Your Money Workshop

This 4-hour workshop is aimed at helping your understand your money journey and the relationship you have with money.

Your money journey is the subconscious tale you tell yourself about who you are and it is reflected in what money means to you and the decisions you take around it.

An example of one of the types of the money stories I hear has to do with buying a new car. Buying a new car is not the money story. But the belief behind buying that new car is the story. The reason for buying a new car often has nothing to do with the safety features or track record of the car. It has everything to do with buying a new image. In this story, buying the car is intended to make you look good and feel good. So, the money journey here isn’t about the car. It’s a story about self-validation – and getting validation from people around you.

Another common money journey is the fear of poverty. You don’t have to actually be poor for poverty to be your story. That’s because stories have to do with your perception of your reality and not necessarily reality itself. When the fear of poverty looms in your mind, be very careful. This story can be a destructive and debilitating one to live out. This story is often a story about self-worth, or more accurately, the lack of it.

Do any of these statements ring true for you?

“Things aren’t great, but I manage to get by”, or “I will never be debt-free.” The truth is that stories are powerful: if we believe our own stories, they will come true. If you keep telling yourself that you’re “poor” or that you “don’t have enough” – whether you do it consciously or not – then that is how the story of your life will go. It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. How you choose to think and feel about money will influence your money destiny.

Workshop participants will be led through the process of unpacking their personal money journeys. We look for themes in our thinking patterns and analyse our pre-disposed thoughts about money.

This process can be one of the most empowering things you do for your life. A clear understanding of your money journey can start a whole new chapter where you are able to change that story, rewrite that chapter and start making money serve you – instead of the other way around.

The workshop will take you through an 8-step process that will help you make significant positive changes to the role of money in your life and how you feel about money.

Kim Potgieter has presented workshops and talks for numerous corporate companies. Below are some of the testimonials we have received. Please feel free to request any contact details for references:

  • Excellent day, thank you so much! I appreciate it – you made me feel less old and more excited for retirement read more

    Anglo American
  • Thank you for adding to the overall success of the programme, the overall rating for your session as rated by attendees is 94% read more

    Refilwe Selepe, Programme Manager: Open Programmes, The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • Kim Potgieter first addressed members of the SAB Provident Fund who are approaching retirement back in 2015 and because of her powerful and inspirational message around life planning, she continues to be the pillar of these annual retirement workshops. read more

    Nondumiso Zulu, Benefits Specialist, SAB
  • Kim presented at 2 sessions for us: One focused on Intentional Investing as a Young Partner, and the other, on Retirement planning for those nearing retirement age. read more

    Katherine Craig, Associate, Deloitte South Africa