Life Planning

A holistic Life Plan and realistic Financial Plan – these are worth so much more when combined to make money and meaning meet. Kim

Life Planning is much more than simply investing money, watching it grow and using it when you need it! Money is more than just a currency – it can hold your dreams and goals for life; it may define personal success or self-worth; it can symbolise security; it could influence where your work and where you go on holiday, even how many children you have.

Money can be viewed as something standing in the way of your freedom or happiness; or as a means to achieving your life’s purpose.

My approach to Life Planning is to open up meaningful conversations around money matters. Together we look at the combination of money and meaning; merging money with the life that you would like to live. We align your dreams and aspirations, the vision you have for your perfect life – with a Financial Plan to ensure that you are able to live a wholesome life.

The result is to create a sense of “freedom of choice” for clients, so that they are able to see money as an enabler in creating a life for themselves that is filled with meaning and purpose.

Financial Planning – Intentional Investing

Merging your money with the plans you have for your life

Before you even start to consider your finances, assets and how these should be invested, it is important to have a holistic Life Plan.

The process always begins with you! We start our one-on-one meeting with a process that I refer to as Disney Dreaming. We take time to consider exactly how you want your life to look like; what your perfect life would be; what your dreams and aspirations are; what makes you feel alive!

Our next step is to examine and understand your relationship with money. We look into your history with money – experiences that have shaped your psychology about money – and the principles or values you live by. This helps us to plot your very own money journey. Now we can start putting money in its right place. With a solid Life Plan you become the master and money the enabler for achieving your life goals.

We spend time considering your relationship with your work and play around with the concept of earning a PLAY-cheque instead of a PAY cheque. After all, life is just too short not to be doing a job that does not completely fulfil you. Many of us yearn for a more balanced life; creating time for play, work, relationships, having a sense of purpose; and all the time, still earning a living.

Together we will work through the Wheel of Balance, which comprises eight components: work, giving back, relationships, money, learning, purpose, health and play. Putting a plan in place for a more balanced life can bring so much more fulfilment.
This process also helps us to create a Bucket Wheel® that reminds us of all the things we want to achieve and directs our energy toward what matters most to us.

Planning your life can be like looking through a kaleidoscope. There are numerous pieces or parts, each with its own colour and pattern; and your job is to twist and turn the kaleidoscope until a meaningful picture emerges.

Organising your finances also works like this; you must have a beautiful and meaningful picture in mind before deciding where to put your money, whether you are spending or investing. You need to ask yourself what you want your money to achieve for you.

Once we have a complete picture for your ideal life, in other words, your Life Plan, we can start working towards ensuring that your Financial Plan enables the dreams you have for your life.

Mastering who we are in relation to our money is an essential life skill. Kim

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