“With one small shift, the whole picture changes”

If I could hold the kaleidoscope of life in my hands, and turn it, ever so slightly, precisely in tune to each individual I meet, to transform their specific life story into a fulfilling and wholesome life – then I would be living my perfect life!

My life’s purpose is to share my learning about money and to assist you to put money in its right place – making sure that money enables you to live the life you really want to have. My vision is to shift the kaleidoscope that is “you”, to create a beautiful image where money aligns perfectly with the pattern of your ideal world, enabling you to master your money matters to create a magical life adventure.

My desire is for you to get the most meaning from your money. A significant starting point is to examine your relationship with money, deciding whether money is an enabler or a deterrent to achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. And then to look at how balanced your life is, if life itself is giving you a return on your investment. The final twist is to put money in its rightful place, as an entity that works for you, enabling you, and working for you, to make your dreams come true.

I love speaking and engaging with people, encouraging them to make small changes in their lives and thereby reap big rewards. I have done many presentations and would love you to consider booking me for a Retiremeant™, Intentional investing or Money Journey workshop.

My motto is to keep learning and I love staying up to date with international trends in holistic retirement and life planning. It gives me great pleasure to share a global perspective to conventional financial planning methodology with you.

Besides being a busy business professional and author, I am also a wife, mother, sister and friend. Like you, I face the challenge of keeping my life in balance every day!

Enjoy exploring this website. By sharing my insight about the relationship that we have with money, my wish is that that you are able to shift to a Mindset where Meaning is a non-negotiable, and Money is in its right place as your enabler.